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Something big is coming - Avatar where size really does matter!

Well, technically, something bigger, better, smarter, faster and way more cost-effective than anything any airline has ever offered its passengers, will be coming soon.  That "something" is Avatar Airlines.

Search high or low.   You won't find any aircraft being used for domestic flights in the USA that nears the size of Avatar's proposed 747's.    

"747's for domestic flights you say?"  
That's a BIG resounding YES.   The Boeing 747 choice is based on consumer confidence, safety record, availability and overall capacity. The 747 is considered one of the world's safest and most comfortable aircraft used in commercial aviation today.  The level of training necessary to be certified to fly this type of aircraft ranks its pilots among the most experienced in the industry and the elite of the profession.

LET'S FACE IT: safety aside, cost is the single most significant factor in determining flight travel.  Whether you're a frequent flyer traveling for business, or a family flyer traveling for leisure, there's no denying it: the price of flight affects your bottom line. Hefty air fares may limit how often your business chooses to travel by air.  It may also limit your recreational plans because of your family budget.  Avatar Airlines will utilize the four-engine Boeing 747 jumbo jet, reconfigured with 539 seats in the main cabin and 42 Office Class seats on the upper deck, resulting in the lowest cost per available seat mile in the industry.  A tremendous savings will be passed on directly to our passengers because of this.   It's not rocket science.  It's airline science:  Bigger aircraft + more seats = lower price. And when you're free to walk about the cabin, you'll have two roomy aisles to choose from, not to mention an average of about 9 restrooms.

BIGGER is definitely better when it comes to providing ultra-value to our future Avatar airline passengers.

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Disclaimer: Avatar Airlines has made application to the DOT and the FAA for operating authority as a commercial air carrier, and its ability to operate is dependent upon receipt (which is not assured or guaranteed) of all necessary governmental authorizations.



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